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BRONZE GCH Kadell's Hot'N Pretty At DachsFyr W
SIRE: CH DachFyr's Burnin' It Down At Kadell W R.O.M. CHIC   aka: FLINT
DAM: BISS Gold GCH CH Kadell's Smart 'N Pretty W R.O.M.X    aka: VIVIAN
     Golden Gate Dachshund Club- Sel. Bitch 
               Breeder Judge Fred Vogel
        Lost Coast Kennel Club- Hound Group
~Poppy During National Owner Handlers Groups~
9/2/2017 Poppy Wins a OH Group 4 placement.
9/3/2017 Poppy Wins a OH Group 3 placement.
Poppy in going around for Owner Handler BIS 
BISOH Sacramento Kennel Club
2018 Poppy

 ***2018 Poppy Will be shown Limited to earn her SILVER GCH***

4/14/2018 Sacramento Kennel Club Poppy Wins Group 1 Owner-Handler Moving on to winning Reserve Best In Owner-Handler Show.

*Pictured below and above*

5/13/2018 Two Cities KC Poppy Wins Her 4th Reserve Owner-Handler Best In Show

6/9/2018 Contra Costa KC Poppy wins BOS under Breeder Judge Mrs. Carol Spritzer - Supported Entry of Golden Gate Dachshund Club (25 Wire Dachshunds entered) for a GCH 5 point Major- she has 97 points until he Bronze title.

7/7/2018 Lost Coast KC- Poppy takes BOV under Breeder Judge Ms. Sheila Paske in a very competitive specials line-up. Finishing her Bronze GCH title with a 4 point Major.

8/4/2018 Under Breeder Judge Mr. Steven Wolden Poppy takes BOS in a NCDC Supported Entry.

 8/6/2018 Poppy Win BOV in a  very competitive NCDC Supported Entry under Breeder Judge Dr. Eda Martin at the Richmond Dog Fanciers Club.

**Poppy Best Opposite Sex to Best of Breed In Specialty**

8/17/2018- Breeder Judge Mr. Fred Vogel awards Poppy BOV, BOHB, BOS to BOB (BISS) a total of 68 dog in Columbine Dachshund Club (in Colorado) Specialty.

**Poppy's Success in 2016 and 2017**

8/20/2016-Reno Kennel Club Puppy 4-6 B-Match-POPPY WINS BEST IN SHOW- first time in the show ring with a total of 31 puppies.

8/27/2016 -Poppy Starts her AKC show career 

9/24/2016- Poppy WON BEST OF BREED AT 7 months and 2 days OVER a Special FROM THE 6-9 PUPPY CLASS for 2 POINTS! 

9/25/2016- Poppy WINS BEST OF BREED OVER a Special FROM THE 6-9 PUPPY CLASS Taking her 2ND Major of 4 POINTS! 

10/01/2016- Poppy WINS Best of Breed in ALL Coats AKC B Match Adult.

10/9/2016- Poppy WINS Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for her 3rd Major!!!

11/13/2016- NEW CHAMPION!!! Poppy Wins Her 4 Major to Finish Her Championship Title at 8 Months Old! 

11/25/2016- 1st Time out as a Special-Poppy Wins BOS for Her 1st Grand Champion Point.

11/26/2016-Poppy Wins Sel. Bitch (to Ember Winning BOS).

11/27/2016-Poppy Wins BOS for  another Grand Champion and CH Defeat. 

                                                       *****2017 Limited Shows***

2/4/2017-Sun Maid KC-Poppy WINS Best of Breed for a 3 point GCH Major and an OWNER-HANDLER Group 3 placement in HOUND!

2/5/2017-Poppy Wins BOS for 2 more GCH points.

2/17/2017- Golden Gate Dachshund Club Specialty-Poppy wins a 5pt GCH Major going Sel. Bitch to the #1 Wire. Thank you Breeder judge Fred Vogel.

3/25/2017-Poppy Wins Sel. Bitch to the #1 Wire Bitch. Taking home another 5pt. GCH major. Defeating 9 champions.

**Poppy currently has 19 GHC points with 3 Majors and All required CH Defeats at just a little over 1 year of age and limited showing!**

5/27/2017- NEW GCH - Poppy Wins Best Op. Sex finishing her Grand Championship at just 15 months old!!!

6/21/2017- Dachshund Club of America in OR (Hosted by GPDC) Regional Specialty-Poppy Wins SELECT Bitch in a lovely Championship lineup for a 5pt Major.

7/2/2017- Poppy Wins BOV all 3 days at the Lost Coast Kennel Club. Earning a total of 10 GCH points towards her Bronze Title.

8/4/2017- Poppy Wins Select Bitch for a 5 point GCH Major to the #1 Wire Bitch.

10/7 & 10/8/2017- Poppy Wins another Select Bitch both days at the Donner Kennel Club. 

10/14/2017-Poppy Wins OH Hound Group 1 followed by Reserve Best In Show Owner Handler in a beautiful line up of dogs at the Sierra-Tuolumne Kennel Club. 
*Picture featured Below*

11/3/2017 Poppy Wins BOS to the #1 Wire Male at DCA Regional Show winning a GCH 5pt Major. 

8/6/2018 Breeder Judge: Dr. Eda Martin
            Best of Variety, Best Owner-Handler, Best Opposite to Best of Breed In Specialty
              Breeder Judge: Mr. Fredrick Vogel at the Columbine Dachshund Club Specialty
                                                                Colorado Aug. 17, 2018