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My name is Sybyl Swan, I live in a small  town called Auburn. It is located in Northern California. My start in Dachshunds was in 2007 with my first miniture smooth , FC Alves Swan Trixie Race Wind Chaser CGC, SE, AKA: Trixie.  She showed me the true function of a Dachsund and their amazing ability to hunt. 

In 2008 I fell in love with theWirehair's Personality, Coat and the Size of the Standard. I then purcased my first Standard Wirehair Dachshund. CH Honey's Caleb V Edelweiss SW, AKA: Angus. Angus taught me the trails and errors of the "dog show world". He was a real gem in our lives. Not only did he have a Beautiful Temperment, but showed so much sportsmenship in all that he did!

Later in 2010, after finishing 2 champinship titles on my current dogs, and with much research on the Dachshund Standards set by AKC (American Kennel Club) , I purchased my Foundation Bitch. GCH DC Dharmadachs DLW Phoebe Snow SW, AKA: Leona. She made my  3rd championship titled dog. My goal as a breeder is to produce Sound, Functional dogs with Outstanding Temperments that excel in the show ring, tracking, hunting, and as loving companions.

All of our dogs have been raised at home with myself and husband and our 2 boys, Gregory and Liam. They  sleep in our bed, we teach them tricks and so on. The only difference between a pet and a working dog in our home, is that our pets go to Conformation Shows, and Hunt Tests. I have trained all my dogs, and all are Owner Handled in the Conformation Ring. This leaves them with our family to be enjoyed as a loving family member. As a small child I always wanted to have a "show dog" and be a "professional handler". While unable to do so, I grew up and made my dreams come true! My Kennel name Dachs "Fyr" (fire) it is a symbol of a dream that never burned out inside my heart. 

I have CURRENTLY finished a total of  8 Championship titles, All Owner Handler. And had dogs rated in the top 20 All Breed Stats. Member of the Northern California Dachshund Club (NCDC) of 7 years, as well as the Recording Secertary, WebMaster, and Newsletter Publisher for 5 years. Member of the Golden Gate Dachshund Club. I am also a licensed AKC (American Kennel Club) Field Trial Judge for Dachshunds field trials. My goal is to become an AKC Judge for Earthdog Hunt Tests and when I  retire enjoy myself as a AKC Conformation Judge. But in the meanwhile, I will Aim to Breed Quality Dogs and Uphold the Dachshund Standard and Code of Ethics.